For Collin & Dallas county residents 18-49.

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The Arc accepts referrals from probate court or other agencies to provide Money Management services to those needing a Representative Payee. The Arc will help clients pay bills, set up a budget and more.

Arc Money Management clients are self-referred or referred by other social service agencies.

The Arc Guardianship and Money Management Programs were developed to provide assistance to vulnerable persons in the community who have intellectual and developmental disabilities; to help prevent abuse, neglect (including self-neglect), and exploitation. Not all individuals with IDD require guardianship, however, so The Arc offers confidential personal money management services as an option.

The Arc is willing and able to become the Representative Payee of federal benefits (SSI, SSDI, Survivors Benefits, VA Benefits, etc.). It has a legal responsibility as Representative Payee to report all changes in income, expenses, change of residence, employment, number of hours worked, and other monetary income to the Social Security Administration and provide the annual accounting of funds to the Social Security Administration at the end of the year.

The Arc Money Management Program is totally voluntarily and clients can elect to discontinue participation at any time with proper notice given (either by telephone, letter or in person).

Services Include

  • Opening a checking account on behalf of the client at a local bank. The Arc will maintain this account on the individual’s behalf. The client can ask for an accounting at any time.
  • Ensuring all necessities (rent, utilities and groceries) are prioritized and paid first.
  • Providing a monthly allotment for the client’s personal use. This amount will be based on a budget that is completed with the client and may be adjusted based on changes in income, unexpected expenses, and other debts incurred by the client.
  • Setting aside a portion of the income for savings for the client if there are sufficient funds once the above conditions are met.