iLead – Arc’s Leadership Institute

Adults 15 and older
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Arc’s iLead provides training that empowers participants to self-advocate, influence peers, participate in government, speak effectively in public and volunteer in the community.

iLead inspires young adults with IDD to become confident leaders who make a difference.

It’s a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment with its roots in The Arc’s early history of advocating for the right of those with intellectual disabilities to be educated in public schools. iLead consists of a 3-part program which empowers members to develop skills in public speaking, understand democratic process and government as it relates to their constituency, and how to build coalitions to influence decision makers involved in public policy.

Leadership Institute 1, where participants learn about peer influence, making informed decisions, self-advocacy, participating in local government, using internet resources safely, speaking confidently in public, and volunteering in their local community to make a difference.

Leadership Institute 2 turns knowledge into commitment and action focused on key issues. Participants build support teams to shape opinions through communication campaigns, and learn how and when to communicate with decision-makers at local, state and national levels.
GAIN (Grassroots Advocacy & Information Network) Leadership Institute graduates can become GAIN members and network with other advocacy groups across counties or states to help affect change in broader terms.